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"Louis Armstrong in New York with the Red Onion Jazz Babies"

formato: completo NP405

Armstrong, Louis; Red Onion Jazz Babies - Louis Armstrong in New York with the Red Onion Jazz Babies. Baarn : Classic Jazz Masters, p1983.  1 disco (46 min., 28 seg.) : 33 rpm.  CJM 88506.

 1 Everybody loves my baby 2'43''
 2 Texas moaner blues 3'03''
 3 Of all the wrongs you've done to me 2'38''
 4 Terrible blues 2'48''
 5 Santa Claus blues 2'44''
 6 Nobody knows the way I feel this morning 2'50''
 7 Early every morn 2'55''
 8 Cake walking Babies from home 3'24''
 9 You've got to beat me to keep me 3'00''
 10 Mining camp blues 2'58''
 11 The world's jazz crazy and so am I 3'00''
 12 Railroad blues 2'56''
 13 You dirty mistreater 2'48''
 14 Come on Coot and do that thing 2'51''
 15 Have your chill, I'll be here when ... 2'48''
 16 Find me at the greasy spoon 3'02''

Armstrong, Lil piano1-8
Armstrong, Louis cornetim1-16
Bailey, Buster clarinete1-5
Bechet, Sidney clarinete6-16
Bechet, Sidney sax soprano6-8
Christian, Buddy banjo1-8
Dixon, Charlie banjo9-16
Grant, Coot vocal13-16
Green, Charlie trombone9-16
Henderson, Fletcher piano9-16
Henderson, Fletcher orquestra13-16
Hunter, Alberta vocal1-8
Irvis, Charlie trombone6-8
Marshall, Kaiser bateria13-16
Smith, Trixie vocal9-12
Thompson, Aaron trombone1-5
Todd, Clarence vocal8
Wilson, Wesley vocal13-16

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