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Wilmer, Valerie
"The face of black music", Da Capo Press, 1976

Giddins, Gary
"Faces in the crowd : players and writers ", Oxford University Press, 1992

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"Fakebook : improvisations on a journey back to jazz", Limelight Editions, 2000

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"Fascinating rhythm : the collaboration of George and Ira Gershwin", Dutton, 1991

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"Fats Waller", Cassell, 1978

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"Feel like going home; portraits in blues & rock n' roll", Outerbridge & Dienstfrey, [1971]

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"The first book of jazz", Ecco Press, 1997

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"Free jazz, black power", Éditions Champ Libre, 1971

Carles, Philippe; Comolli, Jean-Louis
"Free jazz, black power", A Regra do Jogo, 1976

Litweiler, John
"The freedom principle : jazz after 1958", Da Capo Press, [1990]

Crow, Bill
"From Birdland to Broadway : scenes from a jazz life ", Oxford University Press, 1992

Morgan, Thomas L.; Barlow, William
"From cakewalks to concert halls : an illustrated history of African American popular music from 1895 to 1930", Elliott & Clark Publishing, 1992

Feather, Leonard
"From Satchmo to Miles", Stein and Day, 1974

Mandel, Howard
"Future jazz", Oxford University Press, 1999

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