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Jones, LeRoi
"Tales", Grove Press, 1968

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"Talking jazz", Papermac, 1990

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"Também eu sou a América", Pedra Formosa, 1997

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"Texan jazz", University of Texas Press, 1996

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"Thelonious Monk", Editora Arcádia, 1962

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"Thelonious Monk : his life and music", Berkeley Hills Books, 1997

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"They're playing our song : conversations with America's classic songwriters", Da Capo Press, 1997

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"Thinking in jazz : the infinite art of improvisation", University of Chicago Press, 1994

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"Thirty years with the big bands ", Bayou Press, 1989

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"This is ragtime ", Da Capo Press, 1991

Dance, Stanley
"Those swinging years: the autobiography of Charlie Barnet", Da Capo Press, 1992

Jasen, David A.
"Tin Pan Alley : the composers, the songs, the performers, and their times : the golden age of American popular music fro", Donald I. Fine, Inc, 1988

Gordy, Berry
"To be loved : the music, the magic, the memories of Motown : an autobiography ", Warner Books, 1994

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"To Be, or not ... to BOP : memoirs ", Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1979

Mingus, Sue Graham
"Tonight at noon : a love story", Pantheon Books, 2002

Lester, James
"Too marvelous for words : the life and genius of Art Tatum", Oxford University Press, 1995

Shaw, Artie
"The trouble with Cinderella : an outline of identity", Fithian Press; Artixo Books, 1992

Kirk, Andy
"Twenty years on wheels", University of Michigan Press, 1989

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