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Hadlock, Richard
"Jazz masters of the Twenties", Collier Books, 1974

Hajdu, David
"Lush life : a biography of Billy Strayhorn ", Granta Books, 1998

Hall, Fred
"More dialogues in swing : intimate conversations with the stars of the big band era", Pathfinder Pulishing of California, 1991

Hall, Fred
"Dialogues in swing : intimate conversations with the stars of the big band era ", Pathfinder Publishing, 1989

Hammond, John
"John Hammond on record : an autobiography", Penguin Books, 1981

Hampton, Lionel; Haskins, James
"Hamp : an autobiography ", Amistad Press, 1993

Hansberry, Lorraine
"A matter of colour : documentary of the struggle for racial equality in the USA", Penguin Books, 1965

Harris, Rex
"Jazz", Editora Ulisseia, [1952]

Harris, Rex
"Jazz", Penguin Books, 1957

Harris, Rex; Rust, Brian
"Recorded jazz; a critical guide ", Penguin Books, 1958

Harrison, Max
"A jazz retrospect", David and Charles, 1976

Harrison, Max; Morgan, Alun; Atkins, Ronald; James, Michel; Cooke, Jack
"Modern jazz : the essential records : a critical selection", Aquarius Books, 1975

Haskins, Jim
"The Cotton Club", Robson Books, 1985

Haskins, Jim
"Queen of the blues : a biography of Dinah Washington", William Morrow and Company, 1987

Hasse, John Edward
"Beyond category : the life and genius of Duke Ellington ", Da Capo Press, 1995

Hennessey, Mike
"Klook : the story of Kenny Clarke ", Quartet, 1990

Hentoff, Nat
"Listen to the stories : Nat Hentoff on jazz and country music", Harper Collins, 1995

Hentoff, Nat
"Jazz country", Dell Publishing, 1967

Hentoff, Nat
"The jazz life", Hamilton & Co., 1964

Hentoff, Nat
"The new equality", Viking Press, 1965

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