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Drew, Kenny


p2002 The waiting game [CD], Capitol Records
p1999 Trane's blues [CD], Capitol Records
p1997 The squirrel [CD], EMI-Medley
p1992 Dizzy Gillespie [CD], Ediciones Orbis
p1989 Chambers' music [CD], Capitol Records
p1986 Round midnight: inspired by the motion picture [LP], Lotus Records
p1985 Blue train [CD], Manhattan Records
p1985 For the guv'nor. Vol. 1 [LP], Yes to Jazz
p1985 For the guv'nor. Vol. 2 [LP], Yes to Jazz
p1982 Playtime children's songs [LP], Metronome Records
p1982 Tribute to frog [LP], StoryVille Records
p1981 Vintage sessions. Disco 1 [LP], Prestige Records
p1978 In concert [LP], Steeple Chase Records
p1975 Duo live in concert [LP], Steeple Chase Records
p1974 You leave me breathless [LP], Discophon
p1973 The Giant [CD], Universal Music S. A. France
p1973 The giant [LP], America Records
p1969 The man I love [LP], Polydor Records
cop. 1987 Chet Baker sings it could happen to you [LP], Riverside Records
1985 Jackie's bag [LP], Blue Note
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